To Law Enforcement and Corrections Officials, County Agency Officials and Staff, Private Security Managers and Personnel:

The Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy is pleased to present this course offering of police and public safety training programs.

The Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy believes that people are our greatest
asset and resource. With that belief in mind, it is the Academy’s objective to provide training and
educational programs leading to a sensitivity and quality service that meet the needs of the
community through the people who serve our community.

The Academy’s hallmarks are professionalism and service, through quality education, state of the
art training, and integrity.

The Academy’s staff is composed of professional state certified instructors who are highly
experienced law enforcement and corporate security personnel. Complimenting the Academy
staff, are professionals representing varied disciplines from county, state and federal
governmental agencies, who bring added expertise and insights to the education process.

You are encouraged to review the course descriptions and plan an agenda suitable to your
agency’s specific needs and objectives. Courses will be scheduled as per interest. Your past participation and support have been overwhelming and we genuinely hope the courses offered through the Academy are satisfying your training requirements.

The Academy wishes to extend its appreciation to the County Executive, the Sheriff’s
Department, the Rockland County Association of Police Chiefs, the Rockland County Police
Chiefs Foundation, County governmental and volunteer agencies and all those who have contributed their time, effort and support in making this program a success.

A special thanks to Mr. Gordon Wren, Coordinator, Fire and Emergency Services, and his staff,
for their understanding and assistance in providing the accommodations for training.
We invite your continued participation and look forward to seeing you at the Rockland County
Police and Public Safety Academy.

Sincerely, The Rockland County Police and Public Safety
Academy Staff