Police Division Units





This is a 24/7, 365-days a year operation.  Officers assigned conduct the primary and basic function of the Division’s mission, which is the provision of public safety services to the County of Rockland.  These services include physical security and police response to all county operating centers, facilities and holdings including but is not limited to:

•  Rockland Community College  
•  The Robert L. Yeager Health Complex
•  The New City Government Complex
•  County roads
•  County Parks
•  Rockland County Jail
•  Rockland County Sewer Department
•  All county owned properties and buildings


Officers of the uniform road patrol also provide local law enforcement assistance, when requested, in the areas of:

•  County Court and Family Court
•  Warrant Executions
•  Missing Persons
•  Local Disasters and other Law Enforcement Emergencies
•  Joint Law Enforcement Operations
•  Crowd Control and Traffic Enforcement
•  Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
•  Calls for service in local jurisdictions when requested    

Examples of Law Enforcement Assists



Town of Orangetown Police

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Town of Haverstraw Police

Puerto Rican Day Parade


Haverstraw Fireworks


Dominican Day Parade

Town of Ramapo Police

Ramapo Fireworks

Town of Stony Point Police

Wayne Day

Village of Suffern Police`

Suffern High Graduation

Village of Spring Valley

Unity Day


Ecuadorian Parade

Village of Piermont Police

Bastille Day


Piermont River Day

RC Narcotics Task Force

Warrant Sweep


Marine Unit

The Marine Unit was established as a full service navigational safety and enforcement unit.  It is partially funded by state revenues and is based in the northern part of Rockland County, New York.  It utilizes three vessels to patrol the County’s 33-mile water boundary from Bear Mountain South to Palisades, New York. This unit provides enforcement, safety, ecological and rescue services while interacting with all emergency services and environmental agencies.  The Unit is tasked with providing security at the Bear Mountain Bridge, Tappan Zee Bridge and the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, in conjunction with United States Coast Guard and the Governor’s Hudson River Estuary Law Enforcement Task Force.  Recently the Marine unit has been requested to provide contract policing for by the Tappan Zee Constructors for the new bridge being built. Coverage will be split between the North and South ends of the county.  


Mounted Unit

The Mounted Unit was established to provide specialized and general mounted police services to all the people of Rockland County.

The Mounted Unit regularly patrols the County parks and County operating centers. Upon request, mounted patrols are also conducted in public access and parking areas of local malls during times of high traffic. Mounted Units have responded to the scenes of labor disputes and public disorder, to assist with containment and dispersal operations. During the school year the Unit is assigned to Rockland Community College.

In addition the Mounted Unit participates in community policing functions like crowd control, traffic direction and search and rescue. The ability of the horses to negotiate terrain that vehicles cannot access vastly increases the chances of locating a lost or injured person.  High visibility mounted patrols function in conjunction with local police jurisdictions to provide coverage in areas that have shown a high incidence of street crime, like drug sales, robberies and assaults. In response to a request from the Chiefs of Police, the unit is currently assigned to the Villages of Nyack, Spring Valley and Haverstraw on the weekends.

Prisoner Transport

The prisoner transport unit was established in the early 1980s after the New York State Chiefs’ Association filed a lawsuit and forced all Sheriffs throughout the State to take custody of all prisoners upon remand by the Judge to the custody of the Sheriff. The unit is responsible for the handling and movement of all inmates committed to the Rockland County Correctional Facility. It executes all remand orders from local and county courts as well as orders to produce from both these jurisdictions. In addition inmates are transported to and from local clinics and hospitals and other institutions, out of the county, including State and New York City correctional facilities. The unit comprises of recently retired law enforcement professionals. The officers of this unit are responsible for the care, custody and control of several thousand inmates, yearly, while transporting them, outside the Correctional facility. 

K-9 Unit

The Patrol K9 team is a full time unit, and in addition is made available on a 24 hour basis for tracking and drug detection.

K9 “Shadow”, a fully equipped patrol SUV, and all the necessary equipment and training for the unit were all purchased at no cost to the tax payers of Rockland, using asset forfeiture funds. K9 Shadow is a 8 year old German Shepherd from the Czech Republic and has been partnered with Sgt. Christopher Ford for the past six years. The team graduated from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office K9 Patrol/Narcotics School in 2011.

K9 Shadow is a dual purpose K9 and is certified in tracking, evidence searches, apprehension, handler protection and narcotics detection.

Until the Corrections Division set up their own K9 team Sgt. Ford and Shadow played a vital role in assisting correctional officers in the prevention and detection of narcotic contraband at the Rockland County Jail. The team also conducts checks of visitors’ vehicles entering the RC Jail.

The K9 Team is also deployed to assist the County’s tactical REACT team.


In October 2016 Sheriff Falco introduced our newest K9, Holder, and his handler PO Matt Myers of the Police Division. K9 Holder is a 3 year old Bloodhound donated through the National Police Bloodhound Association. It is the first Police bloodhound in Rockland County and was partnered with PO Myers since September 2016. The K9 team graduated from the Westchester Police Department and is certified by DCJS to aid in the search of suspects, missing children, Alzheimer’s patients etc.

Demonstrations of K9 Holder’s remarkable abilities were conducted after the initial introduction.

Bureau of Criminal Investigation

SABIS  (Statewide Automated Biometric Identification System)

The Rockland County Sheriff’s B.C.I. houses and mans the Hudson River West Site of the New York S.A.B.I.S. This site has been in operation since the system’s inception in 1989. It is one of the 13 sites in the state. As an operational SABIS site, cases are accepted from any Law Enforcement Agency that makes a request. We have received cases from New York and New Jersey State Police, the local field offices of the F.B.I., and local Police Departments in New Jersey. After searching crime scene latent prints manually against possible suspects and elimination prints this system allows those unidentified latent prints to be searched against a database made up of over 3 million fingerprint cards.

As an enhancement to the site the Authenticated Digital Asset Management System (A.D.A.M.S.) has been added to increase the unit’s quality and productivity. This system allows a complete digital management and enhances latent prints while searching the New York State database and the federal (FBI) database of over 40 million fingerprint cards thereby increasing the number of total identifications.

Crime Scene Investigations 

The Rockland County Sheriff’s office Crime Scene Unit was established in 1958 at the request of the Police Chiefs and District Attorney of Rockland County. It is the main source of Crime Scene Investigation for nearly every Police agency in Rockland.  The Rockland County Sheriff’s Crime Scene Unit has six level 3 fingerprint examiners, certified by the State of New York.  No other law enforcement agency in Rockland County has attained such a high level of certification.  The members of this unit also provide expert courtroom testimony in county, state and federal investigations.

Faro Laser Scanner

Crime Scene unit Detectives are trained in Computer Aided Design applications for this equipment. The equipment is used to capture a 360 degree image of crime scenes, and creates a virtual 3D / panoramic view that can be used to show the details of a crime scene in the courtroom.  Investigators also rely on this equipment for its ability to take precise measurements. In 2016 the equipment was deployed in 2 cases.

Bomb Disposal and Explosive Detection

In a continuing effort to combat terrorists and domestic acts of violence, the Sheriff’s Office has established a fully operational Bomb Squad (5 technicians) with three full time K 9s “Annie”, “Cable”,  and “Gibson” who have explosive detection capabilities. Since 2006 the Bomb unit has received extensive funding through available federal grants. These grants were utilized to initially start the unit and since have paid for the personnel assigned, their training, equipment. It has also covered the purchase of vessel and an operational bomb disposal robot system. In 2012, the funds received through grants have been utilized for the purchase of new canines (due to retirements) as well as new vehicles for the unit.            

The Team is trained and equipped to respond to all types of hazardous devices and explosive material incidents, as well as chemical, biological and radiological incidents. The team is also trained in post-blast investigations. (See Appendix B attached).


Arson Investigations

We have four level 2 (Highest level of certification) and one level 1 investigators

available to response to any and all fires that are deemed to be suspicious for investigation.  This unit also has a canine specially trained to detect possible use of an accelerant.  This covers almost the entire county and continues to assist the other police agencies and fire departments with their investigations.  Trained and certified investigators interact with Rockland County’s fire services and other police departments to support prosecutions for arson. 

In addition, the unit has a full time K-9 dedicated to the detection of accelerants used to start fires. Trained and certified by the Maine State Police, and additionally certified by the New York State Academy of Fire Science K-9 Program. The dog and handler test and recertify for both agencies annually. A partnership with the Orange County Arson K9 ensures mutual coverage for both counties, all through the year, even during the vacation periods of the handlers.

The Arson unit also has implemented the Juvenile Firesetters Program (designed to keep juveniles who have set fires out of the court system).

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Fire Investigation Unit is also responsible for new firefighter screenings for all 26 County Fire Departments. According to NYS Executive Law §837-o, all prospective volunteer firefighters, and current volunteers seeking membership in another fire company are required to  undergo non-fingerprint criminal history background checks for convictions for a crime which requires the person to register as a sex offender and pass an arson conviction record check.  Fire Departments requiring these checks may download the form here.   For any questions regarding this process, please call 845-638-5578 or email ler45870@rcpin.net  


Our certified polygraph examiners assist all local police agencies and the District Attorney's Office with criminal investigations by administering polygraph examinations. The unit is also responsible for conducting Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing for the County Probation Department's registered sex offenders.

The sex offenders are required to submit to a polygraph examination every six months to determine if they have been abiding by their Supervision and treatment stipulations while in the community.

Composite Sketch Artist  

This agency maintains one of only two composite sketch artist for Rockland County.  The artist can provide a rendering of possible suspect for any requesting agency.

Background Investigations

Background Investigations are conducted for various requestors including but not limited to local Police Agencies, all local Fire Departments, the County Executive and some Rockland County Department heads.

Ballistic Tank

This agency maintains a ballistic projectile recovery tank system which provides a safe and reliable means for recovering spent bullets. The recovered spent bullets are then sent for forensic testing to the New Yorks State Police Laboratory. This service is provided to all law enforcement agencies in Rockland.

Live Scan Fingerprinting System

The Rockland County Police Division now utilizes the Live Scan Fingerprinting System. All fingerprints are now taken digitally and sent directly to Albany for processing using a computer.  On a daily basis criminal subjects are fingerprinted as well as private citizens.  This office provides their fingerprinting services for the Rockland County Clerk’s Office (Pistol Permit Section) almost every day.  This Office also provides fingerprinting for the private sector for licensing such as nursing, or childcare certifications.  In case where the identity is in question, their fingerprints can be sent out directly and returned within two hours.

This Division now also has the ability to process fingerprints in the field through the use of a portable unit that was acquired through funding provided by STOP DWI.

Leads On Line

Leads On Line is a tool used by the Sheriff’s office in partnership with the local businesses to help recover stolen property, and solve crimes. Leads On Line is the link between investigators and missing items or individuals. It is an online investigative system which helps law enforcement catch criminals, while helping businesses reduce the hassles of reporting, since they are typically required by law to report their transactions to law enforcement. This service is provided to every law enforcement agency in Rockland, through the Sheriff’s Office. (See Appendix C attached).

Warrant Executions / IV D Support Collection

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation conducts criminal investigations into all criminal matters specifically originating within the Patrol Unit, the Correctional Facility, all County owned properties/facilities and all activities related to the municipality and community in general.  Officers are responsible for warrants execution and extraditions from outside jurisdictions. Officers carry out investigative work relative to the Department of Social Services Adult Support Collection function. This unit boasts a 90% clearance record for cases received.  In addition, the unit also conducts investigations into internal affairs of the department and works with local and state police on matters of mutual interest and concern. The unit renders investigative assistance to all police departments and criminal justice agencies as required. (See Appendix B attached).


Gun Keeper Program

The Police Division has installed a read only version of the Gun Keeper Program which is the same program used by the Rockland County Clerk’s office to manage gun applications/permits in Rockland County. It provides the 24/7 access to the permit status of pistol permits issued by Rockland County Clerk’s office, and enhances officer safety before the execution of search warrants/arrest warrants or when Orders of Protection (Weapons Seizures) are served. It has also been utilized in criminal investigations.


In December 2013 the Police Division introduced Patrolstat, a modified version of the Compstat program. In a presentation by Ed Hartnett, the fundamentals of the process were explained to all supervisors in the Annual Training Day Meeting. The purpose of the program was to monitor Division statistics by concentrating on key subjects listed below:

•  Information exchange

•  Timely report submission, incident update and completion

•  Tracking the progress of investigations

•  Arrests

•  Summons activity and accident reports

•  Overtime



Rockland County Family Court

The Police Division is also responsible for serving orders of protection (OOP) and related legal process of the Family Court. In any given year, the officers of the Police Division serve hundreds of Orders issued by the court. Frequently, execution of these orders involves the seizure of firearms, which must be inventoried and safeguarded.

Orders issued by the Family Court have increased over the last five years and now average around 500 requests for service a year. The increase is most likely attributable to the changes made by Family Court in 2008 that allowed non-related subjects to request and receive OOPs through Family Court. Prior to 2008 these subjects would have to make their request through a local justice court. (See Appendix B attached).   

Rockland County STOP DWI

Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated)

 Through diligent D.W.I. enforcement, this agency has steadily increased its DWI arrest activity over the past few years.  We recognize that the diligent enforcement work of our officers as being a major contributing factor to the noticeable increase of DWI arrests within the County of Rockland.  By aggressive proactive enforcement, these officers made the Rockland County Sheriff’s Police Division one of the leading DWI enforcement agencies in this County and will continue their efforts into the future.

Our mission is to continue aggressive DWI enforcement throughout Rockland County.  With the continued support of the Rockland County STOP DWI and organizations such as MADD (received “Recognition of Excellence Award” from MADD in 2010) we will remain truly dedicated to DWI enforcement and hope to provide a safer environment for our citizens behind the wheel.  (See Appendix E attached).

Victims Impact Panel

A panel of victims speaks briefly about the drunk driving crashes in which they were injured or a loved one was killed. Each panelist tells their story and how their lives were affected by the crash or the death of a family member.  There is no interaction between the victims and the audience; however, a question and answer period may follow if the victims are willing to participate.  The audience members consist of people convicted of alcohol-related offenses and those on probation for Driving While Intoxicated. 

Two officers attend each and every victim impact panel meeting. The officers are responsible for monitoring all of the Court Ordered (CO) attendees. The officers conduct Alco-sensor tests on all the CO attendees to insure they are attending in a sober condition, and in addition all CO vehicles are screened when entering the parking lot area. This is to identify anyone operating while his or her driving privileges are either suspended or revoked for DWI.

The panel meets six times each year at the Rockland County Fire Training Center, Fireman’s Memorial Drive Pomona, New York.  Each year, approximately 1,000 people attend the Rockland County Victim’s Impact Panel meetings.

DWI Mobile Field Unit  

In 2004, in conjunction with STOP DWI and the County Executive’s Office we were able to refurbish and properly equip the old County Command Van. This project was undertaken to provide police agencies of Rockland County a mobile platform in which they may conduct Field Sobriety Checks and administer on-scene breath tests to individuals suspected of being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. The Mobile Field Unit is operated and maintained by our Office. As a rolling DWI enforcement vehicle, the Mobile Field Unit has been utilized by numerous Police Agencies for DWI Enforcement, resulting in countless DWI arrest County wide.

This vehicle is currently equipped with a Data Master for the testing of a subject’s Breath Alcohol Content, a computer to check NYS DMV records as well as criminal histories of offenders, a TraCs ticketing system, and a portable Live-Scan fingerprinting system. STOP DWI purchased this portable Livescan Unit and had it configured for use in the Mobile Command van.

This Van gives law enforcement the ability to conduct the breath test, check for criminal histories, write the appropriate summonses, and scan fingerprints all in the field, thereby saving valuable time and money and enabling the ability of any one officer to make multiple DWI arrests in one night.


          Current Sheriff Assignments:  1 Sergeant (Mobile Field Unit Coordinator)

                                           1 Officer (Driver and Data-Master Operator) 


Rockland County Drug Court

Drug Court is a specially designated Court wherein a range of services and sanctions are utilized to reduce drug abuse and recidivism among non-violent, drug-addicted offenders. Drug Court programs bring the full weight of interveners (the judge, probation officers, correctional and law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, defense counsel, drug-testing personnel, rehabilitation and treatment specialists, educators, etc.) to bear, forcing the offender to deal with his or her drug abuse problem or suffer the consequences. 

Officers of the Sheriff’s Uniform patrol are requested by Drug Court to conduct random Alco-sensor testing on Drug Court participants in order to monitor their alcohol intake on a 24-7 basis. These tests were conducted utilizing two separate methods. First method consisted of Random Home Visitations that were conducted primarily in the late evening hours by two officers. The second method is the Fuchsia testing, in which subjects were ordered to respond to our station during the early morning hours, for alcohol testing, before going to work, All tests are random and unannounced. The subjects are only given 30-minute prior notice before having to submit to an Alco-sensor test. Since the program’s inception date of August 1, 2008 members of the Uniform Patrol conduct on the average 200-300 tests per year.  (See Appendix B attached).

Rockland County Family Treatment Court

This Treatment Court is designed to oversee and monitor the defendants who have been ordered into treatment after being in the position of losing their children because of substance abuse and other issues.  The program demands that parents enter drug rehabilitation, get tested regularly, take parenting classes and receive counseling for their addiction. If they complete the three-phase program, which can last up to 18 months, their children are allowed to live with them.

Officers of the Sheriff’s Uniform patrol are requested by the Treatment Court Coordinator to conduct random alcohol testing on those subjects believed to be in violation of the Treatment Court orders. Unlike Drug Court, the officers visit only the home, and do not contact the subject prior to their arrival. The purpose of this spot-check is not only to determine if the subject is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but is also an avenue to observe the home environment and to check on the welfare of children who may still reside within the household or who have been returned to the household. If anything is discovered either criminal or negligent in nature, the officers immediately contact representatives from Child Protective Services and an investigation ensues. 

Rockland County Chiefs of Police / District Attorney’s Office

The Rockland County Chiefs of Police have created numerous multi-jurisdictional law enforcement Units/Teams within Rockland County. These teams are comprised of officers representing all Rockland County police agencies, inclusive of the Sheriff’s Police Division. These teams are:

Disorder Control Force  Rockland County Chief’s & District Attorney’s Office: Mobile Field Force"  

Originally instituted as the Mobile Field Force the Disorder Control Force concept has been jointly adopted, organized and established by the Sheriff and the Rockland County Chiefs of Police to replace it.  All police officers in the County are trained to respond effectively to situations of civil unrest on Day 2 of the Academy In-service Program. This includes cross training with the Mounted unit for deployment Additionally the Force also plays a role in the County’s counter-terrorism plan. They can be used for special tactical assignments like:

•  Target Hardening and surveillance of critical infrastructure locations

•  Restricting threatened facility access to essential personnel only

•  Closing or lockdown of public or government facilities.


Current Sheriff Assignments:  2 Sergeants (instructors)

 REACT  (Rescue Entry and Counter Terrorism Team)   

The unit consists of highly trained officers with specific skills in the areas of marksmanship, tactical response and containment, deployment of chemical munitions, hostage negotiations, and specific-threat security.  These skills would also include the ability to set up defensive positions around buildings, areas, and events for the purpose of deterring and preventing possible terrorist attacks. The Bomb unit supports the REACT function with their explosive breaching program.


Current Sheriff Assignments:  1 Lieutenant (Commanding Officer)

                                           2 Officers

                                           2 Detectives      


Rockland County Narcotics Task Force  Rockland County Chief’s & District Attorney’s

This task force is comprised of officers from various Police Departments in Rockland County as well as officers representing the New York State Police. This task force conducts undercover Narcotics operations with the help of confidential informants, surveillance and eavesdropping techniques.


 Current Sheriff Assignments:  1 Detective (to be deployed)


Rockland County Intelligence Unit

The Intelligence Unit’s mission is to provide intelligence to law enforcement, based upon the collection, evaluation, and analysis of information that can identify criminal activity.  Officers assigned to the RCIC are primarily focused on crimes related to burglary, robbery, traditional organized crime, street gangs, and identity crimes.

Current Sheriff Assignments:  3 Patrol officers (P/T)

     1 Correction Officer (Gang Specialist, Spanish Speaking)


Computer Crime Investigations 

In June 2000 the Rockland County Sheriff's Computer Crime Task Force was formed through the partnership of the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office, to combat the increase of computer-related crime due to the increased use of computers for e-commerce, e-mail and entertainment. The unit carries out a forensic analysis of computer evidence seized by all law enforcement agencies within Rockland County. Online child pornography, pedophilia, business fraud, proprietary information theft, identity theft, credit card fraud, copyright infringement, counterfeiting, remarking computer intrusion (hacking) and terrorism are all areas where the Task Force has been effective.

The unit also conducts advanced forensic analysis of cell phones, decryption of locked cell phones, relating to various criminal investigations, and audio/video analysis. It is responsible for the recovery and enhancement of audio and digital evidence. Digital CCTV systems, data recovery, DVR hard drive imaging, digital video evidence recovery, digital recorder hard drive recovery, and video processing techniques

Current Sheriff Assignment:  3 Detectives

                                         1 Computer Forensics Specialist


Rockland County Special Investigations Unit   (S.I.U.) 

On February 9th 2009 the Rockland County Sheriff’s Police Division and the Rockland County District Attorney entered into partnership when forming the Rockland County Special Investigations Unit. This Unit prosecutes complex cases involving public corruption, white-collar crime, tax fraud, consumer fraud, and other traditional and non-traditional criminal conduct, including organized crime. The Unit uses a variety of techniques, including undercover operations, eavesdropping warrants and the investigative authority of the Grand Jury. The SIU encompasses several specialized functions which include the real estate Fraud Investigations task Force and the Asset Forfeiture Unit.The SIU has conducted joint investigations with the FBI, the US Secret Service, the NYS Banking Dept, the NYS Tax Dept, The NYS Dept. of Labor, the Social Security administration, HUD and many other agencies.


Offender Watch

The Rockland County Sheriff's Office, with other participating police departments throughout Rockland County, are cooperating to bring the OffenderWatch program to the citizens of Rockland County.  Rockland County Law enforcement agencies utilize OffenderWatch to manage and monitor the whereabouts, and compliance status of the registered offenders within our County. OffenderWatch provides the most accurate and timely information available.

The OffenderWatch Program is updated instantaneously throughout the day as offender addresses and other offender information is updated in our office. Citizens may search for a specific offender, or for any publishable sex offenders living near a specific address.  Users may also confidentially register any address within the participating jurisdictions to receive email alerts each time a new sex offender moves near that specific address. The Rockland County Sheriff's Office maintains the OffenderWatch portal as a community service.

Rockland County Police Information Network  (R.C.P.I.N.)

The Rockland County Police Information Network is used to assist in the records management and information sharing associated with Law Enforcement. The Records Management System that is operational contains information on the people, places and vehicles that are involved in each of following areas: Incidents, Cases, Arrests, Property, Warrants, Tickets and Accidents.


Current Sheriff Assignments: 1 Lieutenant (Commanding Officer)

                                 1 Detective

                                  1 PO (P/T)

                                  1 Information Systems Assistant (P/T)

                                  1 Law Enforcement Systems Specialist       


Rockland County Sheriff/DEA

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Office has recently entered into an agreement with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to assign a detective to their office for joint operations. The memorandum of understanding is being processed.

Current Sheriff Assignment:   1 Detective (to be assigned)

Rockland County Office of Fire & Emergency Services

NY Alert     Citizens Information / Notification System

NY Alert is a program/tool that gives one the ability to create, target and send an alert or non-alert messages to literally thousands of destinations within minutes. The Office of Fire and Emergency Services has spearheaded the program in the county and all supervisors have been trained to operate the program as administrators. Refresher training is provided monthly by the Office of Fire and Emergency Services. Additionally personnel of the midnight shift have been trained in the program.

H.E.L.P.    Helicopter Emergency Lift Program

The Helicopter Emergency Lift Program, Inc. was started as part of the Rockland County Fire Service Mutual Aid Plan in 1969. Organized as an emergency service unit, HELP provides its services to Rockland County only in conjunction and cooperation with the Office of Fire & Emergency Services, the Sheriff’s Office, and other emergency service agencies within Rockland. HELP renders a wide range of emergency services, namely, searching, rescuing, aerial firefighting, aerial ambulance work, police assistance and other disaster aid. The Police Division provides two pilots to the program.

Detective Sergeant Ken Johnston of the Police Division is currently the Chief Pilot for the program and personally flies approximately 50 missions per year. Deputy Ed Weireter is the other pilot.

Rockland County Police Academy

 The Rockland County Sheriff’s Office prides itself in the level of training provided their officers, and in direct relation to its training practices, the department is routinely requested by the Police Academy to provide certified training officers to instruct officers from other law enforcement agencies located within and outside Rockland County. Areas of instruction include but are not limited to:

•  Emergency Medical Treatment

•  Firearms and Use of Force

•  Vehicle Pursuits

•  Crime Scene Investigation

•  Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

•  Response to Active Shooter

•  Community Relations


Rockland County Probation Department

This office has an excellent working relationship with our County Probation Department.  Both units work side-by-side on investigating probation warrants.  Detectives conduct yearly “Operation Impact” sweeps with the Probation Department looking for targeted wanted individuals.  Officers and Detectives also assist the Probation Department with the physical house checks of sexual offenders during the end of October on Halloween.  Officers check to see if all individuals on Probation for a sexual crime are adhering to the rules set forth by the courts.

In addition, The Division is currently working very closely with the Commissioner to address specific safety and security concerns of the Probation Officers. These concerns revolve around the actual physical layout of their office, and the increased lack of regard shown to their officers by the probationers themselves. To date we have conducted de-escalation training with the Probation Officers, we have increased our uniform presence within the County Office Building. Currently we have preprogrammed phones to dial our Police desk at the touch of a single button. We also provide bank escorts when requested. Escorts are also provided to the support collection unit upon request

Rockland County Clerk’s Office

Several incidents over the past years have raised safety and security concerns for the County Clerk and his staff. As with the Probation Department, the Clerk’s Office has experienced an increase in disorderly or disruptive clients. We have increased our uniform presence within their office and are currently exploring several options for the redesign of their public areas to better insure a safe work environment for the employees. As with the Probation department we have preprogrammed phones to dial our Police desk at the touch of a single button.        

Rockland County Department of Personnel  


 For numerous years, the Police Division has assisted the Department of Personnel with conducting their "Cooper Institute Physical Agility Testing”. These agility tests are required for all potential Police and Peace Officer hires within the County and are mandated by Civil Service Standards. The Police Division has three officers who are certified and authorized by The Cooper Institute to conduct these exams, and have provided these officers periodically to the Personnel Department to administer these tests to hundreds of candidates over the years


Rockland County Department of Finance

The Department of Finance is required to hand deliver Notices of Foreclosure to delinquent properties, 60 days or more, prior to an auction.  This action is in accordance with Real Property Tax Law Article 11 and the local law known as the Fornario Law. The Commissioner of Finance has directed that the Real Property Tax Officer is responsible for performing this service.  Due to the potentially volatile nature of this action, the Real Tax Property Officer requests assistance each year from the Sheriff's Police Division in the service of 25 to 40 post tax notices throughout the county.  The Officers from the Police Division provide a needed level of presence and protection and leave the recipient of these notices with a sense of urgency to act.

We also provide finance department personnel with bank escorts each day, upon request, as large amounts of money are collected and need to be deposited.


Rockland County Office of Consumer Protection

The Office of Consumer Protection handles licensing requirements in accordance with the newly enacted local Laws of Rockland County. The Sheriff’s Police Division serves as the law enforcement branch for the Office of Consumer Protection. Specifically, the Sheriff’s officers are responsible for the arrest and processing of those parties identified by Consumer Protection as operating businesses without a proper license to do so.  Every year the Sheriff under the direction of the Office of Consumer Protection is responsible for numerous local law arrests, and the impounding of equipment and vehicles belonging to these unlicensed subjects.

Recently the Sheriff’s Police Division has been collaborating with the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) in its initiative to crack down on unlicensed contractors. On weekends and holidays, the Division covers calls reporting unlicensed work being performed in and around the County.

Rockland County Sewer Department

The Sheriff’s Police Division is responsible for security of the plants located in Orangeburg and Hillburn and answers all calls for service at these locations.

Rockland County Board of Elections

During all primary and general elections, uniform officers of the Police Division assist the Board of Elections in monitoring and enforcing all New York State Election laws. In addition to providing security in and around the Board of Elections office, officers patrol all the polling locations, enforcing the various election laws as well as providing a needed presence to prevent any interference with the public’s right to vote. In situations where subjects have been reported to violate these laws, officers are dispatched to investigate, and if warranted, they will arrest and process those violators. If an impound order is received from a higher court for either the seizure of paper or the physical voting machines, the Sheriff’s Police Division is the only law enforcement agency authorized and mandated to secure and maintain these items for however long the impound order remains in effect.

Several years ago, the Sheriff was ordered to seize over two hundred voting machines and secure them in 5 different locations throughout the County. Uniform officers were posted around the clock at all 5 locations, till the order was lifted.

Rockland County Division of Environmental Resources

In addition to enforcing all local laws in our County parks, we have worked very hard with the Department of Environmental Resources to be proactive in insuring that our parks remain clean and unblemished for use by all residents.

Even though our officers are diligent in checking these properties during their patrols, we have nonetheless continued to experience instances of vandalism and hate based graffiti.  One location in particular is the Dutch Gardens located off of Main Street in New City. As a result of these ongoing incidents, the Department of Environmental Resources (Parks) has installed two motion sensor cameras on the property. These cameras are located in the far North/East and South/East corners of the gardens. The police desk is alerted whenever there is movement in the park after hours and a video recording snippet is sent to the command staff by Email


Rockland Community College

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Police Division is the primary police agency for all law enforcement requirements at the college. Our calls for service may include but are not limited to, violations of the law, medical emergencies, suspicious parties or incidents, situations requiring crowd & traffic control, etc.        

During the college academic year, officers of our Mounted Unit are stationed at the college during the day time hours. Their assignment is twofold: On one hand they provide a law enforcement presence and act as a visible deterrent for criminal behavior, and on the other hand their direct interaction with the students and easy accessibility projects a positive image of law enforcement upon the younger generation.


Robert L. Yeager Health Complex

 The Rockland County Sheriff’s Police Division is the primary police agency for all law enforcement requirements at the Health Complex. Our calls for service may include but are not limited to, violations of law, medical emergencies, suspicious parties or incidents, accidents, and situations requiring crowd & traffic control, etc.  

 Every day of the year, uniform officers of this Division conduct routine checks of the property as part of their assigned duties. On a yearly basis it is safe to say the Sheriff’s Office handles hundreds of calls generating from the Health Complex. Until recently a large number of these calls were generated by the office of Mental Health.


Rockland County Office of Traffic Safety

Child Passenger Safety

The Sheriff’s Police Division runs a monthly fitting station where child seats are checked and parents/guardians are instructed in proper installation and use, by trained technicians. The fitting station is run by appointment only. Besides the fitting stations the CPS unit also runs major events in conjunction with local car dealerships and other police agencies around the county. Seats are procured through grants from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and used to replace any seats found to be damaged or outdated.

Police Traffic Services

The Sheriff’s Police Division conducts targeted vehicle and traffic enforcement like red light, seat belt and distracted driving (texting and cell phone) violations. The funding for these programs is received through grants from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.

Railroad Speed Checks

Recent railroad accidents involving freight cars with hazardous materials (not disclosed to first responders) have caused grave community concern. In response the Sheriff’s Patrol periodically monitors the speed of freight trains passing through Rockland.




Operation “Medicine Cabinet  (Prescription Drug Disposal Program)

 As part of a statewide prescription drug disposal program, the Rockland County Sheriff’s Police Division has been approved as a 24/7 drop-off location (as of 2012) for disposal of expired or unwanted prescription drugs. Members of the public can simply come to our front desk and discard their unwanted or expired medication into a pre-marked container located within the lobby area of the Sheriff’s HQ. (With no questions asked). Officers do not request ID from subjects, nor do they ask any questions pertaining to description or ownership of the medications being discarded. 

 The purpose of this program is to remove unwanted drugs from the household, where they can be easily accessed and taken for the purpose of illegal sales and consumption. Since the program’s inception, thousands of pounds of unwanted prescriptions have been collected and destroyed via the Sheriff’s Police Division.


CARE (Computer Aided Rescue Effort)

The Rockland County Child C.A.R.E. Program is a pro-active program designed to protect and educate the children of Rockland County on the issues of child abuse and abduction. This is a program initiated by the Sheriff and the local Chiefs of Police. A trained officer visits over 80 individual schools and the children in grades K-8, are digitally imaged and identified by name, age and school. The data is stored electronically for immediate retrieval in the event of abduction or a missing child report within minutes of the report of the missing child. This information is used for local alerts as well as Amber Alert activations and sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The division has the capability to transmit photographs and descriptors to law enforcement agencies in the region as well as a myriad of other public locations.


Silver Alert Program

To help protect an increasing number of citizens with cognitive impairments who wander and become missing, the County Legislature in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Office and various town and village police departments initiated the “Silver Alert” program. The Silver Alert program is modeled after the Amber Alert program for missing children now in effect in all 50 states. The alert programs can quickly distribute information about missing persons to law enforcement, radio, and television stations. The alerts are designed to advise the public of a missing adult, by utilizing all forms of media, as well as using other messaging alternatives such as traffic signs. While the Amber Alert programs quickly disseminates information about missing children, Silver Alert programs are designed particularly to protect individuals over 18 years of age suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other cognitive or intellectual impairment

The Silver Alert program is a county-wide law enforcement initiative; it allows local law enforcement to disseminate to media outlets, vital information about these vulnerable individuals who have wandered from their caretakers and to aid in the search and safe return of these individuals to those responsible for them


TRIAD (Crime prevention for seniors) 

TRIAD is a program that focuses on reducing criminal victimization of older Americans, and the enhancement of the delivery of law enforcement services to these individuals. It is a symbol of unity between the Sheriff, local police, and the American Association of Retired Persons (A.A.R.P.)   The main purpose is to reduce senior victimization, enhance a sense of security among seniors through education, training and involvement. It is designed to improve the overall quality of life for seniors. The Rockland County TRIAD and all police agencies in Rockland County recognize that the safety concerns of our senior citizens are a priority consideration.  They are most vulnerable to the criminal element and require a special efforts and plans for their protection. 


The Rockland County Sheriff’s Reserve Force  

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Reserve Police Force is an all-volunteer force from diverse social, ethnic, religious and occupational backgrounds that is used to augment and supplement full time law enforcement staff. It is dedicated to the protection of life and property and the preservation of a safe environment for the citizens of Rockland County.

The Reserve Force assists the regular staff during times of declared emergencies, disasters, or war. They may assist with traffic and crowd control at parades, sports and special events, residential house checks, crime prevention and traffic safety. They are the eyes and ears of regular police officers and the community.

Internship Program 

Officers from this agency administer  the Internship Program for areas high schools and colleges.  Students are afforded to the opportunity to interact and observe members of this agency in every aspect such as Corrections, Civil, Patrol and Communications. Interns receive a tour of the County Judicial system and observe criminal court proceedings. They visit the county jail and the police academy and generally learn about law enforcement as a profession.  The student is then required to write a reaction paper to convey their experiences and fundamentals derived from the entire process. Recently a joint internship program with Clarkstown PD was initiated.

Animal Abuse Registry  

Animal cruelty being a serious problem, The Rockland County Legislature established Local Law # 2 of 2011 known as “the Animal Abuser Registry Law” to establish an online animal abuser registry. This registry is for individuals residing in Rockland County, who are convicted of animal abuse crimes. The Rockland County Sheriff was directed to maintain this registry. Currently there are 3 offenders on this registry.


The Rockland County Sheriff’s Police Division has participated in this statewide initiative since its inception. The purpose of the program is to assist in immediate notification of petitioners once the respondent has been served an Order of Protection.  

VINE Program

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Police Division also participates in the VINE Program another statewide victim assistance and notification program. This program gives victims the opportunity to learn the custody status of the offender and/or be notified when the incarcerated offender is released from custody.

Safe Haven

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Police Division is also designated as a safe haven drop off location.


Social Media

The Sheriff’s Police Division maintains a website, a facebook page and a twitter account for the speedy dissemination of information via social media. It also uses the Mobile Patrol App which can be downloaded on any smartphone.




New York City Police Department Program

Securing the Cities Program is a coordinated effort among the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, the New York City Police Department and numerous other regional law enforcement and first responder agencies to combat terrorism.

This program will provide preventative Radiological / Nuclear detection equipment and training to the law enforcement agencies surrounding New York City to increase the regions overall ability to detect and interdict a radiological or nuclear attack.

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Office is one of the 13 principal partners in the Securing the Cities Program, and has been delegated as the representing agency in Rockland County and thus is solely responsible for the disbursement of equipment and training of officers within the Rockland County law enforcement community.

In accordance with the Securing the Cities Program, the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the inventory and distribution of the program equipment to all Rockland County Police Agencies.

•  Several officers of the Sheriff Police Division have received the training to operate and deploy ALL of this equipment and all officers of the Division have been trained and equipped with Personal Radiation Detectors (PRD).

•  This Division is actively involved in the ongoing initiative to compile and map out baseline radiation readings for the entire county (excluding Town of Clarkstown) through the use of Mobile Detection/Recording Systems. An officer from the police division is dispatched Monday through Friday in a specially equipped vehicle to conduct radiological sweeps of the area.

•  The Marine Unit is also equipped with packeye kits which are used while on patrol.

•  Due to heightened alerts during mass gatherings or in response to intelligence reports indicating a heightened threat, our patrols are reminded to deploy their PRD’s and to make use of our vehicle mounted PackEye gamma/neutron radiation detectors.  

•  The Mobile Data System (MDS) are also redeployed from daily grid-mapping to an aggressive check of the travel corridors into NY City, specifically the NYS Thruway and Palisades Parkway. Currently since the US Open is underway in Queens the assigned officer is doing redirected surveys during the entire two weeks of the event.  

•  Additionally, this unit will survey the hotel parking areas, train and bus station parking lots and self-storage units where a WMD could possibly be kept prior to transport into NYC.   When a specific gathering or event takes place in Rockland (St. Patrick’s Day Parade) additional PackEye backpack units are deployed directly into a crowd to survey the entire parade route and surrounding areas and investigate any unusual readings that might indicate a Radiological/Nuclear device. 

•  The local police departments are also reminded to deploy their PRD and PackEye resources that have been issued to them through the STC program, and they are reminded of the availability of the Bomb Squad to assist in identifying radiological material if necessary.


ATAG (Anti-Terrorism Analytical Group) 

The ATAG group consists of the Sheriff, an Undersheriff from the Sheriff’s Office, former Chiefs of Police in Rockland County, four former Special Agents of The Federal Bureau of Investigation, a retired General, a former member of Military Intelligence, a person familiar with school safety and health issues, a retired military commander familiar with security issues, and a veteran Israeli Army Anti-Terrorism Specialist. They act as a “Think Tank” in order to generate ideas and concepts and to assist in reaching conclusions as to the necessity and feasibility for Intelligence and Security procedures.  This group has been very helpful in gearing this County in the right direction. The ATAG group is a component of New York State’s Counter-terrorism Zone 4, which is a partnership between Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties.