Mission Statement

As the primary communications center for the County of Rockland, the Communications Division of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office helps to maintain effective communication between County agencies, County employees, first responders, and the general public.

The Division advances public safety and well-being through dispatch and coordination of County resources, and by acting as a central point of contact for government services.

The timely and professional delivery of these communication services enables the Division to contribute to the safety and security of both Rockland County and the Hudson Valley region.

Chief Adam C. Feuer

Communications Division

The Communications Division is staffed by seventeen full-time Radio Operators. In addition, there are several part-time Radio Operators. A seven-person supervisory staff assists the Chief in maintaining operations twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. The Emergency Communications Center (ECC), located in Pomona, is equipped with the very latest in emergency communications technology.

Rockland County E-911

The Communications Division acts as the primary answering point for cellular E-911 calls in Rockland County, processing approximately 100,000 cellular emergency calls each year. Operators receive emergency calls and track incidents using a sophisticated Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. The Division also acts as a backup for town and village police departments in the event of a local equipment failure or evacuation. During large-scale County-wide emergencies, the Emergency Communications Center processes almost 2,000 calls per day.

Fire Dispatch

The Communications Division is the sole dispatch point for fire departments and specialty rescue teams in Rockland County. The Emergency Communications Center is electronically linked to dozens of private alarm companies and thousands of residential and commercial fire alarm systems throughout the County. The Division is responsible for approximately 8,000 fire dispatches per year, by radio and digital messaging.

Police Dispatch

The Communications Division is the sole dispatch point for the New York State Police in Rockland County, through a joint cooperation with NYSP Troop F (Middletown). The Communications Division also facilitates County-wide communication between police agencies in Rockland, maintaining a police alarms database tracking wanted persons, crimes in progress, and specialized police information. Radio Operators coordinate pursuits, major police responses, and dispatch of the County’s REACT team.

EMS Dispatch

The Communications Division assists Rockland County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in coordinating response to large-scale incidents. County EMS Coordinators and other specialized emergency medical responders are dispatched by radio and digital messaging. The Communications Division is preparing to launch a new Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) program to assist E-911 callers with emergency first aid over the telephone, before an ambulance arrives on scene.

Mobile Communications Unit

The Mobile Communications Unit (known by its radio identifier “Command-Van”) routinely responds to complex or long-term emergency incidents in Rockland County. The vehicle is equipped with modern communications and computer equipment, as well as incident management equipment and supplies. An on-board generator provides complete electric power when the vehicle is in the field. If needed, the vehicle can be used as a mobile E-911 dispatch center, complete with telephones, computers, and radios. The vehicle can also be used as a field command post, providing space for planning and coordination. The vehicle is typically staffed by a supervisor and a complement of Radio Operators.

Rockland County Public Safety Communications System

The Communications Division is the lead manager of the Rockland County Public Safety Communications System, which provides radio communication to police, fire, EMS, and other emergency responders in Rockland County. The system is comprised of eleven trunked radio sites and approximately 3,600 field radios. Emergency responders have access to trunked, repeated communications from almost anywhere in the County. Additionally, the division manages the County’s Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) network. Police responders use in-car computers to query motor vehicle, intelligence, and criminal history records without the need to contact dispatch. County computers connect to the New York State eJusticeNY portal, as well as federal and international police databases.

For more information about the Communications Division, call 845-364-8600, or email help@44-control.net anytime.

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